Reporting Dataset Example: Top Alerts Generated by a Monitor

I was authoring some reports today and thought I would take a screenshot and jot down some notes for the SCOM community.

This is only the model.  There is a lot more we can do inside the actual query to pull the data we need to build our report.  But, once we have the model put together, as in the example below, it’s just a matter of filtering and selecting specific data to massage the output to your requirements.

Also consider passing in criteria as parameters while authoring the report in your BI tool, since this will offer the end-user a more flexible reporting experience.

Click here to see full size
Monitor Generated Alerts

This dataset model works well for an alert report that is using data from a shared Data Warehouse.  Specifically, I use this model for a report showing top alerts raised by a monitor in a specified date range in a specific management group.  I use these types of reports all the time, since they are great for general management group tuning efforts.

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  2. Hi Tom,


    WHERE vAlert.Severity = 2


  3. tom says:

    This looks great.  Is there a way to filter it to only show Critical alerts?



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