Do you subscribe to Technet or MSDN blogs? You might need to delete your cookies.

Microsoft recently migrated and to an updated platform.  So you’ll notice a lot of changes to everyone’s blog since Monday afternoon.  We all probably look the same, with the vanilla theme.  I suppose it’s time to create a new theme to stand out from the crowd?

The reason for this post is that it has come to my attention that if you’re using some sort of RSS reader, you might need to delete your cookies in order to receive new blog posts from your favorite Microsoft bloggers.  I noticed this in my RSS reader, when I realized I wasn’t seeing new posts from technet or msdn blogs.  Clearing my IE cache did the trick.  I suppose if you do subscribe, you may not see this new post…so it’s a catch-22. 🙂

Thanks for subscribing to my blog.  I hope I’ve been providing some added value to your SCOM experience!

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