Get Primary and Failover MS List for Agent

get-agent | where {$ -match "[computer name]"} | select @{name="Primary";expression={$_.getPrimaryManagementServer().name}}, @{name="FailoverList";expression={$_.getFailoverManagementServers() | foreach-object {$}}} | fl


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Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post,

    Very interesting to the PowerShell newbie!

    Question: Why is it that I get the following output:

    Primary      : @{Name=mtl-hq-m30.<domain>}

    FailoverList : {mtl-hq-m25.<domain>, mtl-hq-m24.<domain>}

    Notice the extra "@{Name=" at the beginning of the Primary output, whereas it should be "{"?

    Also, I would recommend using the full name for cmdlets (& parameters) and not their aliases/shortcuts when posting examples (or scripting), as they are typically self-documenting.



  2. @Larry – I modified the script slightly to take "Name" out of the Primary results.  I probably got lazy on that one.  Thanks for pointing it out.


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