Group members (DW)

Return Health Service instances hosting one or more instances contained in
USE OperationsManagerDW
SELECT vManagedEntity.DisplayName AS Computer
FROM  vManagedEntity INNER JOIN
               vManagedEntityType ON vManagedEntity.ManagedEntityTypeRowId = vManagedEntityType.ManagedEntityTypeRowId
WHERE (vManagedEntity.TopLevelHostManagedEntityRowId IN
                   (SELECT DISTINCT ME1.TopLevelHostManagedEntityRowId
                    FROM   vManagedEntity AS ME2 INNER JOIN
                                   vRelationship ON ME2.ManagedEntityRowId = vRelationship.SourceManagedEntityRowId INNER JOIN
                                   vManagedEntity AS ME1 ON vRelationship.TargetManagedEntityRowId = ME1.ManagedEntityRowId
                    WHERE (ME2.DisplayName = 'group'))) AND (vManagedEntityType.ManagedEntityTypeSystemName = 'Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService')
ORDER BY Computer


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