DW Retention and Groom Settings

/*Data Warehouse retention settings*/
USE OperationsManagerDW
SELECT Dataset.DatasetDefaultName AS Dataset, StandardDatasetAggregation.MaxDataAgeDays AS Days,
               CASE StandardDatasetAggregation.AggregationTypeId WHEN 0 THEN 'Raw' WHEN 20 THEN 'Hourly' WHEN 30 THEN 'Daily' ELSE 'Unknown' END AS Type,
               StandardDatasetAggregation.AggregationIntervalDurationMinutes AS AggInterval, StandardDatasetAggregation.GroomingIntervalMinutes AS GroomInterval,
               StandardDatasetAggregation.MaxRowsToGroom, StandardDatasetAggregation.BuildAggregationStoredProcedureName AS SPROC
               StandardDatasetAggregation ON Dataset.DatasetId = StandardDatasetAggregation.DatasetId
ORDER BY Dataset

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