Error 25351 – Failed to stop services

So, here’s a quick post on this error.  I did a quick web search for this, just to see if anyone posted the same, and didn’t get any hits (something I always do before posting).


This is very common during an upgrade from SP1 to R2.  In fact, I don’t remember ever upgrading and not seeing this error.


Take a look at the text in the error dialog.

Error 25351 .Failed to stop services. Error Code: –2147023835 (The service cannot accept control messages at this time.).

Kind of funky, right?  I don’t know who’s putting these strings together, but I would think we’d have better sentence structure than this. 😉


Click Ok.  This is a known issue in the setup process, and can be ignored.


More Information

If you take a look at the Application event log, you’ll see the event details shown in the error dialog.


What was happening when this error occurred?  Take a look at the Operations Manager event log.


Comments (1)

  1. Jesty says:

    Clicked OK and proceeded but got another error 25362 HealthService Service Fails to Start with 25362 Warning

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