Operations Manager 2007 SQL Queries

Sharing this list of random SQL queries I have found useful on different occasions.  Refer to report dataset samples page for SQL queries you can use for custom reporting needs.

Updated: 08-05-2011

OperationsManager OperationsManagerDW
All groups DW Retention and Groom Settings
All groups and their contained instances Discovery Check
All disk sizes (GB) All groups (DW)
Operational groom settings Group members (DW)
   Return all dirty aggregations in last X days
   Count dirty aggregations in last X days

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan Almquist a posté sur son blog un tableau des principales requêtes SQL. Cette initiative est…

  2. Michiel Wouters says:

    Nice list, thanks. As the base I used a query from your list. Then I used that query as derative to count and calculate the average number of events per day. Easy/simple but effective.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan Almquist started a blog post about Operations Manager 2007 SQL Queries . “I’m starting a new

  4. Jeremy Simpson says:

    Very nice list.  Is there a SQL query to determine what subscription an objects is tided to?

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