Export a Management Pack

Use this cmdlet to export a Management Pack to a specified path.

Unlike the Operations Console, where you can only export unsealed Management Packs, using this cmdlet will export both sealed and unsealed Management Packs in XML format.

First query the list of Management Packs and select the one you want to export.

Return all the Management Pack display names

get-managementpack | select displayName | sort displayName

Copy the one you want to export into this command.

Export the Management Pack

get-managementpack | where {$_.displayName -eq "<MP Name>"} | export-managementpack –path “<Path>"

Another way to use the Export-ManagementPack cmdlet is to perform routine backups.

Backup all unsealed Management Packs

get-ManagementPack | where {!$_.sealed} | Export-ManagementPack -Path "<Path>"

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