MOM 2005 – Close all alerts raised before (date)

Copy this script into a .vbs file.  Edit line 15 (objAlert.TimeRaised = "xxxxxxxx245959").  Replace xxxxxxxx with YearMonthDay (ex: 20080401).  TimeRaised is a Date/Time stamp.  The 245959 simply means 12:59:59pm.  So, any alert raised on or before this date will be updated to a "Resolved" state.  Run this on a MOM 2005 Management Server.

Set objWMI = GetObject("winmgmts://./root/MOM")
strQuery = "select * from MSFT_Alert where ResolutionState <> 255"
Set colAlerts = objWMI.ExecQuery(strQuery)
For Each objAlert In colAlerts
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.AlertHistoryComment)) = 0 Then objAlert.AlertHistoryComment = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.CustomField1)) = 0 Then objAlert.CustomField1 = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.CustomField2)) = 0 Then objAlert.CustomField2 = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.CustomField3)) = 0 Then objAlert.CustomField3 = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.CustomField4)) = 0 Then objAlert.CustomField4 = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.CustomField5)) = 0 Then objAlert.CustomField5 = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.Description)) = 0 Then objAlert.Description = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.OwnerName)) = 0 Then objAlert.OwnerName = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.ResolvedBy)) = 0 Then objAlert.ResolvedBy = Null
   If Len(Trim(objAlert.TimeResolved)) = 0 Then objAlert.TimeResolved = Null
   If ObjAlert.TimeRaised  <= "xxxxxxxx245959" then
      objAlert.ResolutionState = 255
   End If

Additional notes:

If we execute an Update query to the OnePoint DB directly, we are essentially circumventing MOM from performing it's normal Alert update process and some interesting fields (like TimeResolved, ResolvedBy, etc) will not be updated properly.  This is why it's recommended to use this method if the console will not suffice.

Also, a note about updating particular blank fields in the script to NULL.  If these blank fields are not updated to NULL, the script will fail.  This is not a SQL or MOM issue.  It's a problem with SWBemObjectEx.  Blank fields cannot be handled.  Specifically, you'll receive the following error:


Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I did not do an extensive search to see if this had already been done, so I just slapped this together

  2. Using Command Shell, yes.  Using VBScript and WMI provider (like above), no.  That went away with MOM 2005.

  3. Tweeks says:

    Is there a SCOM2007 way of doing this same thing?


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