Troubleshooting a Failed Microsoft Security Essentials Install – Error Code 0x80070643

I was working on my daughter’s Windows 7 computer last weekend and one of the first things I noticed was she hadn’t installed any updates for quite a while. It took a couple of update cycles to get her machine current.  Once it was, I noticed the antivirus software the computer had come with had…


Bytes by TechNet: John Baker and Johan Arwidmark Discussing Windows Deployments

Join me and Johan Arwidmark, Chief Technical Architect at Knowledge Factory for a discussion around deployment. Johan gives some tips and tricks along with customer scenario examples when using Windows Deployment Services (WDS), Microsoft Deployment Toolkit(MDT), and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager tools. About Johan Johan speaks at several conferences each year, including MMS and…


Bytes By TechNet Interview: Jeremy Moskowitz and John Baker on XP to Windows 7 Migration

John Baker, Sr. IT Evangelist at Microsoft, and Jeremy Moskowitz, Chief Propeller Head at talk about the latest features in Microsoft Windows Group Policy. Jeremy touches on XP to Windows 7 migration along with other insights that give administrators real control over their desktops and users. About Jeremy Jeremy Moskowitz a Group Policy MVP…


TechNet Radio: IT Time–How to Slipstream IE9 into an MDT, Windows 7 migration

  Its IT Time and in today’s episode, Blain Barton and John Baker welcome IT Pro Community Manager, Stephen Rose. Tune in as Stephen walks us through the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and shows us how easy it is to slipstream IE9 and other applications into a Windows 7 migration – in a matter of minutes….


Download Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

If you have a bunch of machines you want to install SP1 on you can always use Windows Update.  This means however SP1 is going to be downloaded over for each of the machines.  Obviously not if you’re using WSUS!!! In my case I have a lot demo machines in hyper-v that don’t have access…


Advanced Deployment Scenarios using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: (Part 7 of 7)

Custom Edit the Deployment Wizard to Add a New Page   In the final part of the seven part series we’ll see how we can do further customizations to the MDT deployments.  We’ll use the MDT 2010 Wizard editor from CodePlex to modify our Windows Deployment Wizard.  In this demonstration we’ll create a new pane…


Advanced Deployment Scenarios using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: (Part 6 of 7)

Using Linked Deployment Points In our demonstration we have a Test deployment share that has been populated with some deployment assets suchs as application, operating systems, out-of-box drivers and packages.  So how do I easily get the deployment assets I’ve tested into a production environment?  For that we’ll use Linked Deployment Shares.  We’ll create folders…


Advanced Deployment Scenarios using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: (Part 5 of 7)

Configuring the Deployment Point to Use the Configuration Database In order for the properties populated in configuration database to be of any use, the database must be tied to a deployment point. In this demonstration we’ll look at how to configure the database rules which basically tells what needs to be queried for each of…


Advanced Deployment Scenarios using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: (Part 4 of 7)

Configuring Other Methods in the Configuration Database In this demonstration we’re going to go through creating examples of the other three role methods and will assign role methods created earlier: Refresh User and Managed Computer. With all methods we can associate properties settings, applications, packages, roles and Administrator accounts. In this demonstration we’ll see how…


Msiexec.exe Command Line Options

The other day at a TechNet event someone asked me about the various parameters that can be used when doing an application install with MSIEXEC.EXE. I found the info below at ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The executable program that interprets packages and installs products is Msiexec.exe. Note that Msiexec also sets an error level on return that…