Replacing My Kitchen Faucet Saga

Note:  This is NOT computer related, but merely a cathartic rant about my faucet saga.  While cleaning up some dishes I noticed my feet were getting wet.  Couldn’t understand how that could be as I wasn’t splashing the water out of the sink.  I opened the door under the sink and much to my dismay…


Windows Phone 7 Commercial from Golden Globe Awards

A 30-second television commercial featuring up-and-coming actors talking about commitment to their craft, aired during the Golden Globe Awards broadcast on Jan. 16.  


Indian Restaurant: Indique Heights, Chevy Chase, MD

On a recent trip to our Washington DC office I had the opportunity to go to the Indique Heights Indian restaurant for dinner.  This is not your usual Indian restaurant, a little more high end, with an eclectic menu that includes some interesting Street Snacks and appetizers as well as some slightly different main course…


End of an Era: Sony to stop manufacturing 3-1/2” Floppies

Really?  Come on, own up!!!  Who’s still buying these in 2010?  I can’t remember the last time I saw a computer with a floppy drive.  Although I have to admit a family member recently tried to give me a file to work on that they had put on a floppy, much to my chagrin and…


Just Released: Microsoft Desktop Player

  What is it? Microsoft Desktop player allows IT Pros and Developers to access technical content ( videos, webcasts, podcasts, white papers etc.) and links to resources ( IT Evangelist or Developer Evangelist, local training opportunities local user groups etc.) in your area. You can download an offline version , view it online or even…


Indian Restaurant: Madras Cafe – Pompano Beach, FL

I haven’t written about my road trip Indian restaurant visits in a while.  So I’m here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for an Angelbeat event tomorrow and thought I’d try one of the local Indian establishments and tell you all about it.  Rather than looking up restaurant reviews to choose where to go, which is what…


Creating a Firewall Rule to Allow ICMPv4 Echo Requests

You’re trying to do some basic troubleshooting on your network and you ping a machine but it doesn’t respond.  You know its there.  Why isn’t it responding?  It’s probably the firewall on the machine that’s causing the problem.  In this screencast you’ll see how to create a firewall rule that will allow the machine to…


Indian Restaurant: Bangkok & Bombay – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Last week I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a long weekend visiting my friend Jose.  We had just been to an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant in Old San Juan for lunch and were driving over to the beach, (yeah the beach in late December – its sunny and 85F (29C for you metric…


Screencast Series: Step-By-Step Windows Vista "Nibbles" – Part 4 of 12 – Changing Your Desktop Background

In this screencast  we’re going to take a look at how easy it is to change desktop background in Windows Vista.  There are a variety of options available to us including over 20 different wallpapers, sample photographs and solid colors. And if that isn’t enough, you can use your own photographs too!!! These are the…