Windows Home Server Toolkit V1

The Windows Home Server Toolkit is a collection of tools that help you troubleshoot issues with Windows Home Server. The toolkit has the following components: The Error Reporting tool collects log files from your home computer and sends them to Microsoft. These log files are useful to Microsoft Support when troubleshooting problems you may encounter…


Windows Home Server Technical Brief for Home Computer Backup and Restore

This Technical Brief describes how you can you use your Windows Home Server to automatically do daily backups all of your home computers, up to 10 of them.  Obviously you’ll need a decent amount of disk space on the server to do this but what you’ll end up with is backups that you can recover…


Windows Home Server Technical Brief for Remote Access

Following on from yesterdays post about Home Networking with Windows Home Server, I thought this Technical Brief  on how to remotely access your system would be useful.  The thing is I’m not just talking about you remotely accessing the shared folders on the Windows Home Server, but you being able to remotely access the Windows…


Windows Home Server Resources

I received an email from Blake providing me a link to his blogpost where he has put together a bunch FREE Windows Home Server Resources.   Click on the link to see the Windows Home Server Resources on Blake’s blog. Thanks Blake!!


Windows Home Server Technical Brief for Media Sharing

Windows Home Server Media Sharing enables you to view, listen, and watch videos, photo slide shows and music.  You can store your favorite media on Windows Home Server and use digital media receivers and playback devices, such as the Xbox 360.    Features and Functionality Once you enable  Media Sharing in Windows Home Server, you…


Windows Home Server Technical Brief for Home Networking

  Home networking is becoming more and more popular as more homes get high-speed DSL or cable and more computers end up in the house.  If you have teenagers, then you probably have more than one computer at home. I did a blogpost on Windows Home Server Trial edition back in August, so if you…


Windows Home Server: 120 day trial version

Servers have been around in the office forever.  Many of us in the IT industry have our own home networks, either for learning or for actually running web and mail servers (yes fellow team members, you know who I’m talking about J).  But for everyone else, does a server in the home make sense?  Why…