Indian Restaurant: Moghul – Edison, NJ


IMAG0068I was on the road this week doing our Windows 7 Deployment Firestarters in New York City and Edison, NJ.  Luckily for me my colleague Blain enjoys Indian food so we took advantage of the offerings in Edison with its large array of choices.  We had been told by several people the best Indian restaurant in Edison was Moghul.  Enough of a recommendation for us!!!!

Before ordering we were given a basket of spiced poppadums with a tray of accompanying chutneys and relishes.  The mixed pickle was very tasty but somewhat salty.  That didn’t stop us devouring it all as well as most of the other relishes. clip_image002

Our first order of the night was an appetizer of Vegetable Samosa.  Very nicely presented and extremely tasty.  We also ordered two different chicken dishes, Chicken Tikka Masala (see picture), that great standard dish, and Murgh (chicken) Kadai, both medium spicy and some rice and a garlic naan.

IMAG0070The restaurant delivered on the promise of its recommendations.  Both dishes were great, in fact I don’t think I’ve had better Chicken Tikka Masala anywhere in the US, perfect curry sauce and the tenderest of chicken.  Compared to the most recent Chicken Tikka Masala we had at another restaurant, which was way too sweet as I suspect they put too much sugar in it, and just did not have the explosion of flavor we had at Moghuls.  The Chicken Kadai also was top-notch.  Extremely flavorful curry sauce perfectly spiced.  We finished both dishes and the rice and garlic naan, and were completely full and satisfied.

Bottom-line the food and service were awesome, and I will definitely be back there next time I’m in Edison.

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