Indian Restaurant: Madras Cafe – Pompano Beach, FL


I haven’t written about my road trip Indian restaurant visits in a while.  So I’m here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for an Angelbeat event tomorrow and thought I’d try one of the local Indian establishments and tell you all about it. 

Rather than looking up restaurant reviews to choose where to go, which is what I usually do, I just picked the closest one my GPS could find…  1.5 miles away.

I get to the strip center where the restaurant is located, Madras Cafe, and find that a lot of the stores in the center are boarded up.  Not good.

Got a parking spot right out front, there were only four other cars in the parking lot… sure its early, but that’s not a promising sign.  Right as I get out another car pulls up and three people exit the car and follow me into the restaurant.  Its 6:30pm and it looks like I’m first patron tonight.  Now I’m a little worried that I picked the wrong place.  Luckily one of the three people behind me is English and based on his interaction with the waiter he was very surprised the place wasn’t busy.  I feel a little better after hearing that.IMG_2162


The waiter brings out some spicy papadoms with the typical three piece accompaniment: tamarind sauce, chopped onions in chili powder and mint chili, (a mint/jalapeno runny paste) – the latter being so deliciously spicy I devour it all before my samosa reaches the table, by which time my tongue is numb enough to have a tongue ring put in it.  🙂

IMG_2160The vegetable samosa was perfect, nicely stuffed with potatoes and peas.  For my main course I decided to try something different from my normal choice and picked Chili Chicken.  The waiter promptly warned me it was hot, which I brushed aside the possibility that it would be too hot by telling him it wasn’t a problem – I can take the heat.  🙂

So the chili chicken makes it to the table.  It looks delicious…  but… it turns out to be a mildly spicy sweet and sour chicken.  I don’t like the sweet, sticky sauce on sweet and sour Chinese food, and this dish is no exception.  What makes it worse is that not only does it have a sticky sauce I don’t particularly like, it’s not even that spicy!!!

Ah well.  We live and learn; maybe I should stick to my normal choices, Madras, Vindaloo, chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Saag.  Not a complete disaster of a dinner, but not as good as it could have been.

To top it all off the waiter messed up my drink order, brought coke instead of diet coke, and worse, he also forgot to bring the rice.  Luckily for me the naan bread more than compensated for not having rice.  Jeez.  🙂


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  1. Wasn’t able to make it to Apna this time, but will definately go the next time I’m in Jacksonville!!!!

  2. John says:

    While in Jacksonville try Apna on Beach Boulevard.

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