Indian Restaurant: Bangkok & Bombay – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Last week I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a long weekend visiting my friend Jose.  We had just been to an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant in Old San Juan for lunch and were driving over to the beach, (yeah the beach in late December - its sunny and 85F (29C for you metric types) can you say PARADISE?!?! J).  With my mind still on food I wondered out loud if there was an Indian restaurant in San Juan.  He wasn't sure, but thought there might be, we'd check online later.  We got to the beach spent a few hours soaking up the sun, watching the waves and emptying a few cans of Medalla Light, the local brew.

His friend Geraldine came over that evening and we all decided to go to dinner at an Argentine steakhouse.  For those of you who've been to Puerto Rico, you know parking is at a premium in San Juan.  So we drive to the restaurant only to find their valet parking was full.  Not a problem, as one does in any downtown area, we drove around the block looking for space.  On one of the blocks we turned down there was a Thai restaurant called Bangkok &'s parking out front had a couple of spaces.

"You want to park here and go for Thai instead?"  Sure.  I'm flexible...I love Thai food too.

We park and go inside and are immediately seated.  Its a very nicely decorated restaurant with a lot of Thai ornamental pieces and artwork everywhere.  I open my menu only to find it has Indian dishes listed.  The name of the restaurant should have been my first clue - Bombay - it just didn't occur to me that it was a Thai-Indian combo.  As I said I'm flexible, so flexible that although we had come in for Thai, when presented with the option for Indian.... I'm taking it!!!  Jose decided he was in heaven, this place did Thai, Indian and Sushi.  He wanted to suggest to them to add Pho to the menu and then he wouldn't need to eat anywhere else J.  If you're thinking "How good can it be if they do both Thai AND Indian?"  the thought crossed my mine too.

Between us we ordered samosas, chicken vindaloo and nan bread and some vegetarian Thai summer rolls.  Jose also ordered a Tom Kha soup because he could J and washed this down with a Medalla Light....  you'll get to love this beer if you come to PR.

The samosas were excellent, nicely spiced and a decent size.  The vindaloo was spicy as expected, and once I got started into it my fears of the dish being average were blow away.  The Indian food was very good as were the Thai summer rolls and Tom Kha. 

If you're in San Juan and need a little Indian spice in your life, go to this place because, like Puerto Rico, it's well worth the trip!!!!


Bangkok & Bombay

58 Caribe Street, Condado, San Juan


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  1. Jonathan troupe says:

    i just wanted to follow up and confirm the tasty food that is

    to be had at this little hidden gem of a restaurant. the owner is from

    bangkok and she is the sweetest lady with a beautifull art collection

    and a real nack for creating the most tasty thai, and indian cuisine.

    she also has a nice little sushi bar with a great selection of rolls and other japanese favorites. you will be treated like family and fed very well

    as they say in puerto rico  " buen provecho" (enjoy)!

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