Unified Communications helping Road Warriors: My laptop is now my phone!!!

My teammate John Weston has created a couple of great screencasts talking about how we use Unified Communications (UC) in our day-to-day work to keep us productive, especially when we're on the road.  Everyone in the team has a UC phone number which means no matter where we are, if you call our phone and we're logged onto Office Communicator, we can answer the call just as if we were sitting at our desk.  All of this is completely transparent to the caller.  (I have yet to try this on the beach in Cancun with hotel wireless but I'm sure it will work perfectly) J.

In the second video he demonstrates the RoundTable video device for conference room meetings.

John delivered these sessions recently at the Dallas AITP(Association of IT professionals) meeting in Dallas.


 My Laptop is My Phone!!!!

Roundtable Demo

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