Indian Restaurant: Bombay Grill – Chamblee, GA (North side of Atlanta off of I-285)

I haven't done any posts recently on Indian restaurants as I've not been on the road as much as I usually am.  Since I was out to dinner the other night at one of my favorite Indian Restaurants in the Atlanta area, the Bombay Grill, I thought it was time for me to do a post on a local eatery.

There were several of us that went so we had a varied selection of dishes.  I chose to start with an appetizer of Chicken 65 (I've asked why is it called 65 at several places, no one knows).  This dish isn't available at all Indian restaurants, but Bombay Grill does a great job with it.  From what I can discern its basically chunks of Tandoori Chicken in a dry curry paste, topped with some thinly sliced jalapeños.  I particularly like it to warm me up for the main course as it has a particularly rich flavor.  We all tried it, some complained it was too hot, and then proceeded to eat more of it, so it can't be that spicy, either that or the pain is worth it.  J

The main course dishes we had were chicken Tikka Masala, chicken curry, and chicken saags - one spicy one not.  One of us had the vegetarian Thali, which consisted three vegetable dishes with a samosa, a dal, raita nan bread.  Not my cup of tea since I'm not vegetarian, although I do like vegetable dishes, but only as a supplement to a meat dish. J

My main course choice was a Chicken Saag, obviously the spicy one.  One thing I noticed which I hadn't before, and maybe they've just started doing this, is that it also came topped with some chopped jalapeños.  Didn't was still good.

I've been here many times and the food is ALWAYS good.  The one problem there, in my humble opinion, is the service.   Its very slow and the wait people are pretty dour.  In this case we were there on a mid-week night, with hardly anyone in the restaurant, so it wasn't because they were busy.  That being the case, just make sure everyone in your party has eaten something earlier that day otherwise they'll be chewing the table, or your arm,  in anticipation of the feast that's about to be served.

Where is it Located?

Bombay Grill, 2165 Savoy Dr, Chamblee, GA 30341          Phone: (678) 530-9555

Click here for map to restaurant

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