Hand Made Lamborghini: Built In the Basement

This has got to be the most crazy or most impressive project I've ever seen.  Mr. Ken Imhoff saw the movie Cannonball Run seventeen years ago, I saw that same movie and in my case it nearly took away my will to live J, in his case, he fell in love with a car in the film - the Lamborghini Countach.

So what did it inspire him to do?  Believe it or not, it made him take on the project of hand building one for himself, in his basement.  Say what!?!?!?!   That's right, HAND-BUILD HIS OWN!!!!

OK, so you've wrapped your head around that... he spends 10 yrs building it, only to complete it and realize, ITS IN THE BASEMENT!!!  Not a problem, nothing a backhoe digging a hole in the side of the house and breaking into the basement can't fix. 

You have to go check out the pictures of the progress of his project and how it was extracted from the basement.

Where Can You See These Pictures?

Right here -> Hand-Made Lamborghini Built In Basement Finally Sees Light Of Day

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