A Big Mac and Wireless Access Please: McDonalds Internet Lounge

Last week I was looking for a quick bite early one evening and decided for some reason to go to McD's.  I don't know why, maybe it was a burger and fries craving and I just didn't want to drive anywhere.  It's probably the first time I've been to one in years, so I don't feel too bad about going, even though I don't need to pack on any more pounds as it is.

The closest one is within walking distance, so I grabbed my backpack and laptop as I was going to hit my favorite coffee place with T-Mobile hotspot after my burger.  It was a quick walk across Peachtree to the restaurant, although crossing Peachtree can be an adventure as Georgia, or more specifically Atlanta, drivers don't seem to recognize pedestrian crosswalks J

I ordered myself a Big Mac meal, but I didn't supersize it so that I would feel less guilty about being there.  Ever since that "Supersize Me!" movie I purposely avoid fast food.  And those of you that know me are probably saying "Liar!!  You eat Chic-fil-a chicken Biscuits!!"   Maybe so, but in my own self-indulgent, delusional mind, I don't count them as fast food.  They're just plain delicious, wholesome and a Southern right, and are therefore exempt fast-food status!!!  (You live by your rules I'll live by mine J).

OK, back to McD's.  After filling up my soda, I noticed there was a glass separator with "McD Internet Lounge" etched  on the glass.  Internet Lounge at McDonalds?  I decided to check it out.  Sure enough they had several tables and a couple of  laptop bars with power outlets and bar height stools.  Interesting, but was there internet access?  Yes there was, and what surprised me even more was it was FREE wireless access!!

While I was sitting there I looked around as noticed some other things that seemed out of place at McD's.  Not only did this McDs have the Internet Lounge, but I also noticed it had some big screen TV's, white linen on 80% of the tables and padded seats.  Now I know this isn't a common McDonalds look so this has to be a one off or limited edition.

Where is this McDonalds you might ask?  On Peachtree Road in Buckhead, Atlanta.   If anyone else knows of any others, please let me know.  I would love to know if this is a pilot or something they're doing all over.

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