Congress Moves To Safeguard Laptops –

Looks like Congress is trying to get the law changed regarding search and seizure of peoples laptops coming back into the country.  I didn't know, and I'm sure most of us didn't, that "..the government could demand the password to their laptop, hold it for as long as it wants, pore over their documents, emails and photographs, and examine which websites they visited, all without any suggestion of wrongdoing."  Not that they'd find anything interesting on mine, but even so, its a bit of a broad law to allow that.  Hopefully it will get changed.  I'm all for laws to protect us, but I still think there should be probable cause before something like that can occur.   What do you think?

Unrelated to the laptop law, but related to my most recent reentry into the United States from Europe.  The Dept. of Agriculture dog took a keen interest in me.  I was in shorts and he circled me twice, sniffing my legs.  My guess at first was he was sniffing all the airplane food that dropped on my lap and legs J.  He finally decided I wasn't what he was looking for and went over to the guy next to me and immediately sat, indicating to his handler that the guy had something.  Turned out he had a bag of fruit his backpack.  Wow, I was impressed that the dog could smell that and single out one person from the mass of people walking by.

Congress moves to safeguard laptops -

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  1. JamesB says:

    To date it border agents can ask for a password but per the Boucher case they cannot force you to give it up. Just because they can’t “force” you to however does not mean they can’t influence you however.

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