Wi-Fi May Help College Students Get Better Grades — Wi-Fi — InformationWeek

Interesting article on how students expect wireless connectivity at the college or university that they attend.  There’s a quote in the article that says “Young adults expect access to information with unprecedented immediacy” that really resonates with me.  I have caught that disease of NEEDING to be connected to at least email and preferably instant messaging too.  I feel totally lost without that, so much so if I leave my Windows Mobile phone at home, I have to go back and get it (my limit is 5 miles out, any more than that and I just settle for a twitchy day J).  Yeah, I think some therapy is in order, maybe a trip to the jungles of Belize away from cellular towers and Internet access, but I digress. 

As a road warrior I have the same expectations for wireless, or at least hardwired, Internet connectivity at hotels I stay at.  Interestingly enough the full-service hotels always charge some daily amount $9.99 and up, whereas the mid-range and extended stay hotels give it free.  Although I have noticed that the free ones are starting to offer a faster connection for a fee, which I have no problem with.  The basic free connection is always adequate for email and instant messaging, so I can keep in contact.  If I need to download anything big then I might pay the premium for the upgraded speed, or just leave the download going overnight J

And when it comes to the full service hotel charges, I just won’t pay (yes I’m cheap) unless I really need fast access or I don’t have cellular signal.  With my laptop tethered to my cellphone I can get 3G access, or something close, which is enough for basic connectivity.

And people in England, don’t even get me started on Internet access at your hotels.  I was staying at a midrange hotel there a few years back and they wanted £19 for the day, if I recall correctly.  That’s close to $40!!!  Forget that,  I’ll skip the wireless access and spend my money on Brakespeares bitter J.

Back to the article one more time before I signoff on this post.  It also mentions how students are distracted in class when they have wireless access as most of them reply to emails or check whatever social network they’re on.  Hmm…sounds a little familiar for all of us that have been in meetings with our laptops open doesn’t it?  J  

Wi-Fi May Help College Students Get Better Grades — Wi-Fi — InformationWeek

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