Try the Automatic Translator to See My Blog in Your Language!!!!

Just added  the Translator Add-In to my blog.  See the Translator button on the left, just above my TechNet Subscription Discount button.  Simply click on "Translator" and you get a selection of languages in the drop-down menu.  Select your desired language and click on the arrow, it then up pops another browser window with the English and second language version beside it!!!

I'm sure it not a perfect translation but its something close.  If you take a look at my example screenshot below in this post, the title is translated from:

Wi-Fi May Help College Students Get Better Grades -- Wi-Fi -- InformationWeek


Estudiantes universitario de ayuda de mayo de Wi-Fi obtener mejor InformationWeek de grado--Wi-Fi--


I think the "--  Wi-Fi -- InformationWeek" messed it up, and although my Spanish isn't that great I think it, literally, translated it to:

University students of aid of May of Wi-Fi to obtain better InformationWeek of degree--Wi-Fi--

The translation of the body of the text is better, but not perfect.  Anyone that speaks Spanish let me know. J

Comments (6)

  1. You’re right, but didn’t I already point that out in the post? 🙂

    Part of the problem is my use of capital letters in all of the words in the blog post title.  Grammatically incorrect, I know, but it looks prettier to me 🙂

  2. I figured it would be a litle amusing.  At least, as you said, it gives non-English speakers an idea on the subject.. or the idea that I’m crazy  🙂

  3. Возможно русский язык будет там в будущем  🙂

  4. KomatoZo says:

    Wasn’t able to find Russian, so can’t estimate how good thr translation is… =(


  5. Kinan Akel says:

    Hi John,

     It was very funny to use the translator with Arabic language, I had a lot of fun reading it with my friends.

     However, I’m sure with time it will get better, and at this stage it will provide a good idea about the subject for those who don’t understand English very well.


  6. JLibbey says:

    Yikes, the automatic translator thinks the verb “may” is the same as the fifth month of the year in Spanish.  It produces unintelligible gibberish in Spanish.

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