TechNet Events: Windows Vista SP1 Promotional Kit – Pin Expired Problems

Many of you have attended our live TechNet events around the country and received the Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 Promotional Kit.  Inside the cover is a PIN number that has to be registered at  many of you have been getting an error saying the PIN had expired.



If you are getting this you have two choices, either delete the cookie for that website, or register from another computer.



Let me know if that doesn't fix your problem.

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  1. Could you send me your email address

  2. Kirk Patten says:

    Hello, I am attempting to activate my key after an initial attempt where the key did not arrive in my e-mail.  The website indicates pincode is in use, as I would expect.  When I enter my e-mail to get the key, I never receive a message.  Can you assist?

  3. zam says:


    i also have same problem.

  4. Maurice says:

    Do you know if the site for this is still active?  All I get is Bad Request(Invalid Host Name).


  5. Andrew says:

    I have the same issue with the site being inactive.  Did Microsoft pull the site down?

  6. Howard says:

    I am also trying to use the promotional copy of Vista Ultimate and am getting a 400 Bad Request error. How do I resolve this to get my license from the PIN on the package?



  7. John Russo says:

    I am not able to connect to the registration site.  I installed Ultimate and tried to register yesterday 1/3.  This was the first chance I had to install since attending the Technet event.  I needed it to fix problems I was having with Vista Home Premium.

  8. Jon Knepp says:

    I certainly hope this does not make my PIN nonredeemable. I had been hoping to use this NFR license for a new system that I put together with new hardware I received over the holidays. Now I’m in a holding pattern trying to find out how to get my Vista license.

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