Windows Home Server Technical Brief for Home Networking


Home networking is becoming more and more popular as more homes get high-speed DSL or cable and more computers end up in the house.  If you have teenagers, then you probably have more than one computer at home.

I did a blogpost on Windows Home Server Trial edition back in August, so if you downloaded the trial version or have already bought Windows Home Server, you might be interested in this whitepaper/Technical Brief called Windows Home Server Technical Brief for Home Networking.

The brief does an overview on Home Networking and then goes on to talk about features, functionality and benefits.  It also goes over some of the basic acronyms in networking.  Also included is a discussion about the different TCP and UDP ports used  by Windows Home Server.

Not a bad primer to get you started, its about 13 easy reading pages.

I have a series of posts on Windows Home Server that I'll be putting out here over the next few days.

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