Everyone Hates Layovers, But Here’s Something To Do If You’re Stuck at the Atlanta Airport

Zimbabwe - A Tradition in Stone

If you fly in the United States, you've probably had to go through a hub airport at some point  and spend a few boring hours waiting for your connecting flight out.  There is only so much bookstore browsing, coffee drinking and fast-food eating you can do when you get stuck on a layover before you're chewing your fingernails down to the bone.  Well i have some good news for you if your layover is in Atlanta. 

If you want something different to do at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, (Atlanta), while you're waiting for your connection, then go take a look at the amazing display of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe.  You will be truly amazed.





Where Do I Find Them?

Get yourself to Concourse A and walk, yes WALK its not that far J, to Concourse T (that's toward baggage claim). 

You'll find these beautiful sculptures in between the moving walkways.  They're all carved from large stones and many are then polished to give them the distinctive color and shine. 

I'd recommend you don't view them from the moving walkway but actually walk around the sculptures and immerse yourself in them!!!   They are a wonderful sight to behold.

Be careful you don't browse too long though, we don't want you to miss your flight J

Happy traveling!!!!

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