System Slowing Down? Checkout "5 ways to speed up your PC"

Is your system getting sluggish?  Here's a useful article, 5 ways to speed up your PC, that gives you some simple tips to help speed it back up.

1. Free up disk space

2. Speed up access to data

3. Detect and repair disk errors

4. Protect your computer against spyware

5. Learn all about ReadyBoost

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  1. Garth Jones says:

    How can you prove that Readyboost will help your system?

    From what I have seen on MS site only the oldest PCs will see any benefit to Readyboost so it is not all the useful for most (99%) of the Vista uses. If I’m wrong then how can I prove /show that it will increase performance on a “normal” PC such as a laptop with 3 GB RAM or 64Bit PCs? This would be a useful blog post that I would love to see a comparison of using Readyboost on a laptop such at a 64Bit Vista with 4GB RAM 5400RPM HDD.

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