Indian Restaurant: Shahi Kitchen – Richmond, VA

On the road this week in Reston, VA (suburban Washington DC) and Richmond, VA.  I'm in Richmond tonight and wanted Indian for dinner.  I did a quick Live search to find something close to my hotel.  Found a few within a couple of miles but the one that seemed to be getting the best reviews was Shahi Kitchen.  On various sites it consistently came up as one of the best Indian restaurants in this part of Richmond.

From the outside the place looks like it used to be a family steakhouse, but who knows.  Interesting decor inside, it was more like a Southern Country Cooking restaurant than the Indian restaurants I'm used to.  Several HD plasma TVs blaring out Bollywood Indian music videos, which was also unusual, but quite enjoyable.  (I now know where Michael Jackson gets all his synchronized dancing routines from).

Based on these observations so far I'm a little little concerned that its not going to be too good, but I went ahead and took a seat.  I was hungry and I could smell curry.  There was no turning back now, I had to stay!!

No sooner had I sat down, the waiter was at the table with a plate of papadoms, not plain, but black peppercorn papadoms.  Yummy.  Also a little chutney tray.  Wow...  the Green Chilli chutney made me sit up!!!  Very nice.  Sinuses now clear. J

Perused the menu and decided to try something different tonight.  Went with a Shami Kabab appetizer.  This was a "crabcake-like" patty made of lamb and lentils.  I'd never seen anything like this before and was pleasantly surprised by it.  It had a firm consistency and was quite tasty, especially with the onion, tomato and cucumber that were sprinkled with some spices.

Next came my main course.  I opted for Kadai Chicken, a dry, stir-fry chicken curry dish with onions, green peppers and cilantro along with a side of plain rice and a plain nan.  I asked for spicy.  Oh my was it!!  WARNING: If you go here and ask for spicy, expect it to BE spicy.  The portions were very generous and very reasonably priced.  Based on tonight's experience I'll definitely be coming back next time I'm in Richmond!!


7927 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA-23294

(804) 290-0666 

Comments (4)

  1. Glad i could point you in their direction.  As i said in the post, I’ll definitely be going back there.  One thing i didnt say in the post was the strange looks i got when i was arranging the food and taking pictures of it.  The waiter looked really concerned, but never said anything..probably though i was working on a lawsuit or something 🙂

  2. I guess you just picked where we’re doing our next lunch/dinner  🙂

  3. Christopher Glaves says:

    We attended your presentation in Richmond on Thursday and enjoyed the event. We left at noon for lunch and came across your blog while in the car and saw this post. Indian anyone? After your good review, we decided try Shahi Kitchen and had a great meal from their lunch buffet. Great how the internet works sometimes.

  4. mike powell says:

    why haven’t you done a write up on Himalayas Indian Restaurant in Chamblee, GA – ?  You’re obviously an Indian neophyte, or just traveling too much…:)

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