How would you like to live in a shipping container?

Here's a strange article I came across.  You know those shipping containers that come from China with all the stuff we buy?  OK, maybe not just China, that's just a dig because 95% of what I buy now is made in China J.   Even some of the food I'm buying is from China, but I digress.

I guess it had to happen sometime, and sure enough it did.  They've come up with a way to reuse these containers as housing.  Yes, HOUSING!!  At first blush I thought "What a stupid idea, who wants to live in a metal box!".  That was until I went and looked  at the photo gallery of Shipping-container homes make the leap from weird to viable.

These architects have come up with some extremely creative ideas.  My favorite is the home pictured to the right, which is a vacation home in Maine.  Although I wouldn't want mine in Maine as everyone who knows me knows how averse I am to cold weather and snow!!

One thing that comes to mind is that you wouldn't have to worry about termites, however, rust could be a problem.  Hmm... maybe there's an opportunity to undercoat these babies, like they do cars J.

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  1. Enid George says:

    I wouldn’t mind, after all damp shouldn’t be an issue. Rust could be kept at bay with a really good rust paint etc.

    I clicked on your link and was amazed! Who first thought of it? Beats cardboard boxes!

    Great way of re-cycling! You could end up with quite an eco friendly home by adding solar panels etc.

    Of course here in Gib it would be impossible to do. Maybe I should move to the States! (just kidding).

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