Beware of Greeting Card Spam – Don’t be suckered, And Make Sure Your Users Aren’t Either!!!

We received a warning today from our IT department about an increase in Greeting Card spam mail.  The emails contain URLs that are pointing to malicious executables. 

I wanted to blog about it but didn't have any in my Inbox.  So I checked around to see if I could find one somewhere.  Lo and behold, luckily for me (in some ways), I had a bunch of them in my Junk E-Mail folder.

I took a screen shot of one of them as you can see in this post.   This one isn't even very sophisticated as the URL displayed even shows the executable name.  I know most of you wouldn't click on it, at least I hope that, but my more susceptible relatives would DEFINITELY click on the link to find out who is sending them a "card".  (You'll notice I obscured most of the URL, just to make sure no one will type it in manually to just see what it does.J)

Anyhow, bottom-line, DON"T click on links in these types of emails.  If the sender is a little smarter than this one and "hides" the fact the URL contains a link to an executable, always hover over the link to see where its really taking you rather than what's being displayed in the email.

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