Windows Home Server: 120 day trial version

Servers have been around in the office forever.  Many of us in the IT industry have our own home networks, either for learning or for actually running web and mail servers (yes fellow team members, you know who I'm talking about J). 

But for everyone else, does a server in the home make sense?  Why would they even need one at home?  Well, here's why, more and more I see families with multiple computers in the homes, especially families with teenagers.  I know a lot of sharing is going on with pictures and media,  but I guarantee you very few people are backing up their systems. 

That's where Windows Home Server comes in!!!   What a perfect solution for a home network, a central location to store all those pictures and media files, AND somewhere to store those home computer backups that you'll be doing in the future J

How about this as a bonus though?  Wouldn't you like to be able to access your pictures and files via a personalized website?  Windows Home Server does that too!!!  Go check it out and download and try the Home Server Free Trial!!

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