Save Up to $50 per Computer Annually with Power Management

During the Windows Vista session at today's TechNet event in  Jacksonville, FL, I talked about some of the new group policies that come with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.  I had a slide that mentioned a study indicating up to $50 per PC could be saved annually by utilizing power management.  The new group policy options for power management provide a way of centrally configuring and enforcing the power settings on Windows Vista machines.  I was asked to post the study this information came from, so here you are:

Join the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign is the study that talks about the savings that can be made by using power management options.

At the same website I also found this article, Activating power management features in enterprises, which also includes an online savings calculator to help you estimate your savings.


UPDATED INFO - Aug 22nd 2008

I found this today with some more documents that will be of interest with regard to Windows Server 2008 Power Savings.

Documents you can download are:

  • Appendix_A_-_Test_Results_Spreadsheet.xlsx
  • Appendix_B_-_System_Information_and_Test_Tools.docx
  • Appendix_C_-_Throughput.xlsx
  • Windows_Server_2008_Power_Savings.docx
  • Windows_Server_2008_Power_Savings.pdf
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