Indian Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL: Cilantro

I'm in Florida for a TechNet event tomorrow at the Wyndham Hotel in Jacksonville.  Tonight JJ, TS2 presenter, and I went to an Indian restaurant called Cilantro.  We had originally intended to go to one called Shalimar, but it appears its been closed down.  I asked the guy at front desk if there was an Indian restaurant close by and he had looked at me like I was asking for a kryptonite sandwich, and after some thought said no.  Luckily the guy running the shop at the hotel, who happens to from India, was able to recommend one to us.


9825 - 6 San Jose Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32257

Phone: 904 - 262 - 9577

It wasn't in my GPS system, so it can't have been around that long.  Regardless, we had an address, and it was simply a straight shot from the hotel, turn left and go about 6 miles.

We got there fairly early so it wasn't too busy.  We sat down, but before we could order I had to run out and take the picture of the restaurant before it got too dark.  It was light, but it was very cloudy and looked like it would downpour any moment.  I guess its a prelude to the storm that supposed to get here Wednesday afternoon.

One thing that was different here was the pappadoms they served.  Unlike most places where the pappadoms are the size of a plate, here they have silver dollar sized pappad chips.  Much smaller, but just as delicious.

I had my usual Chicken Saag and JJ had Chicken Korma.  Both the dishes were fine, not the best, but definitely worth the trip.  My one regret was not asking for spicy hot, we got both medium.

The other thing to note was their nan bread.  We both agreed the bread was very good, as well as the peas pullau rice that came with both meals.

All in all not a bad dinner.  Rated against my favorite Indian restaurant I'd give it a 7-1/2 to 8 out of ten.

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