The Case of the Unexplained …. Windows Troubleshooting with Mark Russinovitch

Sluggish Performance?  Application Hangs?  Unknown error and system hangs?

Interested in troubleshooting those kinds of problems?  Then read on....

I was in Seattle last week for our annual internal Microsoft geekfest, or as we call it TechReady.  In simple terms this in our internal TechEd, or technical conference.  This is the conference the Microsoft technical field representative come to for information and training on current and future products.  I attended many sessions on a variety of topics, including Windows Server 2008, System Center, Security and some futures sessions, but one of the most compelling for me was one called The Case of the Unexplained... Windows Troubleshooting with Mark Russinovich.  As many of you probably know Mark Russinovich was one of the creators of the sysinternals tools which was acquired by Microsoft a couple of years back.  If you haven't seen him present, I highly recommend it.

So why was it compelling?

Like most of you, because of my job, I'm the family IT Support person, so the title of the session was what really lured me as I wanted to increase my troubleshooting skills.  Of course the fact Russinovich was presenting was a major factor too, as I'd already attended a couple of his presentations and had enjoyed them immensely!!!  Anyhow, during his presentation he used several sysinternals tools to show how to troubleshoot Windows problems like hangs, performance issues and blue screens.  He mentioned he had done a similar session at TechEd and that it was posted on the TechEd website.  He suggested that we check out the webcast as it had different case studies using the same tools and techniques.  Since the webcast is publicly available I decided to share it with those of you that want to see some good troubleshooting tips, tools and techniques. 

Click The Case of the Unexplained... to watch the webcast.  It really is worth the 75 minutes investment in time!!!

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