TechNet Events in Burlington, VT and Providence, RI

If you’re in Burlington, VT or Providence, RI  make sure you sign up for the TechNet events taking place there last week of February.

Burlington, VT - Tuesday, February 26, 2008 8:00 AM

Providence Rhode Island - Thursday, February 28, 2008 8:00 AM 

Session 1 | Lock it up: Stronger data encryption with Windows BitLocker

Have you ever had a computer stolen?  When laptops, desktops, and even servers are stolen, it’s not just the hardware that can be valuable to a thief. As an IT professional, you’re responsible for doing what you can to secure the data – including information on employee laptops, desktops, and the servers you manage.  If one is stolen or tampered with, are you sure that private or confidential company information won’t fall into the wrong hands?  In this session, you’ll learn how the new “BitLocker” disk encryption technology in Windows Vista allows you to strongly encrypt and enforce authentication for access to hard disk volumes and protect your data – even if it ends up where it shouldn’t. We’ll show you how BitLocker provides security and data integrity through drive encryption, and also how easy it is to deploy.  Finally, you’ll see how to encrypt and decrypt volumes with BitLocker, both through the management user interface as well as from the command prompt.

We’ll cover


•           Encryption and enforcing authentication for hard disk volumes

•           Deploying and using BitLocker to encrypt and decrypt volumes

•           Where BitLocker fits in the upcoming Windows Server 2008

•           Ensuring critical data is always safe and well protected

Session 2 | Get a network security check up with Windows Server 2008


In today’s networked world, it’s critical to know who’s connected to your network. Whether machines are physically wired, VPN’d or wirelessly connected, you’ll sleep better knowing that they’re all properly configured and up to date according to company policies, including proper firewalls, antivirus protection and antispyware. In this session we’ll introduce you to the Network Policy Server role in Windows Server 2008, and the many ways you can use it to configure and enforce Network Access Protection (NAP) – a new platform that ensures the health of your systems by performing policy validations and many other processes. We’ll start with an introduction to the Network Policy Server (NPS) role and how it can help maintain the integrity of an internal computer network. We’ll also show you several different ways to deploy and configure NAP, how it works, and how it employs the NPS. You’ll see how to enable debug tracing, and how to use it for monitoring and troubleshooting connectivity problems.



We’ll cover:


•           The Windows Server 2008 Network Policy Server role

•           How to configure and enforce Network Access Protection

•           Deploying NAP, debug tracing and troubleshooting connectivity issues



BONUS | Why Windows Vista? 10 Reasons to Upgrade in 2008.

Get the inside track on Windows Vista, including its powerful new capabilities for enterprise, small- and medium-sized business. You'll learn how Vista was designed from the ground up to maximize security, management and reliability. We'll also cover the latest features and improvements that you can expect in the forthcoming Service Pack 1 update.


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