I’ve already installed Windows Vista on a single partition and now i want to enable BitLocker, can I???

I was asked this by an attendee the other day at an event in Stratford, CT.  I wasn't sure about the answer and off the top of my head said I didnt think it was possible.  Oh, how wrong can I be!  I received an email from one of my attendees with a link to a KB article that talks specifically about a tool to do this. 




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  1. Anonymous says:


    I tested this in our lab here using Vista Ultimate (why isn’t it available in Enterprise?) and it worked swell!  I thought it would possibly jeopardize my existing image, but it didn’t.  


  2. Anonymous says:

    Good evening everyone, one of my teammates John Baker was asked this question during an event, he posted

  3. Anonymous says:

    No…I don’t have a secret method of BitLocking a single partition. But my buddy John Baker posted about

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