Editing the Registry in an ImageX .wim file

I was emailed this question recently “Is it possible to make changes to settings in the registry of an ImageX .wim file or do I have to deploy the .wim file, make the changes and then recapture the image?”

Wow, great question!!   I knew it could be done, but wasn't sure exactly how.  A quick search on the web brought me to this blog post  (big thank you to Michael Greene!!!). 

From that blog post I have listed the five basic steps necessary:


1.    Mount the WIM file to a local folder using ImageX:

C:\>imagex /mountrw install.wim 1 c:\mount


2.    Load the registry hive you need.  Let's mount HKLM\Software:

C:\mount>reg load HKLM\test c:\mount\windows\system32\config\software


3.    Open Regedit to make changes or use Reg Add from the command line.


4.    Unload the reg hive.

C:\Windows\system32>reg unload HKLM\test


5.    Unmount the image.

C:\ImageX>imagex /unmount /commit c:\mount


Amazingly simple, no??

Comments (1)

  1. Abubakar Khaliq says:

    This post was a time saver for me. My intention was not to modify a key in WIM but to get a value from there and import in my registry.

    Thanks a lot for the post. It save me lot of time. I’ll refer this post on my blog, which is not a technical one, once I am done with my laptop issues.

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