Hotel Networks and Windows Vista

I'm on the road this week visiting New Jersey and staying at a hotel which has free wireless Internet connection.  (I hate paying $9.95 a day at full-service hotels)

I boot up my laptop, actually I bring it out of hibernation, and proceed to make my connection to their wireless network.  All works fine and I'm able to browse the Internet.  Interesting thing is MSN Messenger and Office Communicator won't work.  That's weird, I'm thinking maybe their firewall is blocking something, but that doesn't make sense.  So I call the helpdesk.  Wow... the guy was on the ball, he asked a few pertinent questions, none of the usual do you have this plugged in, is the laptop lid open, etc.  He got the information he needed and then asked me to do a:

netsh int tcp set glo aut=dis

(For those of you unfamiliar with netsh might want to come to one of current live events as we're doing some demos that use the command to enable network performance enhancing.)

For a moment I feel dumb.... OK, actually it was longer than a moment, but I figure there's no way this is the first time this problem has occurred so I poke around searching for a prior solution and come across an old (last year) blog posting from Steve Riley on windows-vista-vs-hotels.

The answer was right under my nose and I didn't realize it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today at my TechNet event in Jacksonville, FL I had an attendee tell me about an issue one of his customers

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