Q/A TechNet Webcast: Security and Enterprise Features of System Center Operations Manager 2007

During the demonstration a task was created and the default management pack was selected. When do you want to use the default management pack and when do you not want to use it?

 Always.  By default, customizations are saved to the Default Management Pack.  Also, Vendor Management Packs are sealed, any customizations you create are saved to the Default Management Pack. This way when a new version of a sealed Management Pack becomes available, the original Management Pack is replaced but your customizations are retained.

Is there a demo available for Exchange Management Pack for Ops Mgr 2007?

Click here to download the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack


What do you do in separate DMZ's for service connection points if you don't have a Gateway and the domain is not trusted?

Agent-Managed Computer

This requires that a certificate be issued and maintained for each machine that is being monitored and for the Management Server. In addition, if there is a firewall between the agents and the Management Server, the firewall rules need to permit each agented machine to communicate directly through it over an encrypted channel. This requires the definition and maintenance of potentially thousands of authorized communication points in the firewall rules.

An Operations Manager 2007 Gateway Server can be used to drastically reduce the administrative overhead required to maintain communication between agents and Management Servers that are separated by a trust boundary. The Gateway Server acts as a concentration point for agent communications.

Agent-Managed Computer

The Management Server communicates to the agentless-managed computer over the RPC port (TCP 135) and the DCOM port range, and therefore using agentless management for a computer outside a firewall is not supported.

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