FREE e-Learning for Windows Server 2008!!!

Yes its time  to get up to speed on Windows Server 2008.  And what better way to start that with a few FREE, yes FREE, online e-Learning classes!!!!

Official Microsoft E-Learning Courses for Windows Server 2008 provide a simple and effective way to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Collection 5934: Introducing Windows Server 2008—Free for a limited time!
This online learning collection of four clinics introduces the new features and functionality in Windows Server 2008. The clinics cover server virtualization, security and policy management, branch office management, centralized application access, and server management. You can take the entire collection of clinics, or just the clinics that interest you.

Clinic 5936: Introducing Security and Policy Management in Windows Server 2008

Clinic 5937: Introducing Branch Office Management in Windows Server 2008

Clinic 5938: Introducing Centralized Application Access in Windows Server 2008

Clinic 5939: Introducing Server Management in Windows Server 2008

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