Planning and Deploying SMS 2003 Webcast Q/A

Questions and Answers:

 Asked: Whats the link for the whitepaper on the economic impact of SMS 2003


 Asked: With sms 2007 coming do we need to think about our secondary site to be a little more robust?

Answered:  Not sure what you mean about robust but you can check here for specific info on the next release of SMS

 Asked: Doing our planning work in our lab for SMS 2003 and I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask... but when I am installing SQL 2000 prior to SMS 2003, one setup question asks about SQL licensing mode. I selected a "per seat" licensing mode but as for the count, do I just put in "1" for the amount of devices since only the service account access the DB or do I need to enter a higher number for our SMS 2003 install and setup?

Answered: No, you are correct, just 1.

Asked: Can you explain extending AD schema. Specifically creating Systems Management OU under System and allowing it to publish

Answered: All the info you need is here ..

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