Q/A from August 9th Webcast – Branch Office Planning and Deployment in Windows Server 2003 R2

Question: What happens if some branches have Windows 2003 instead of

Windows 2003 R2 and can the main office be SBS2003 R2?


Answer: All of the sites have to use Windows 2003 R2. Windows 2003 pre-R2

Servers use a different DFS scheme that does not integrate into thr R2 DFS




Question: Where can I find  more Information about differences between Windows 2003 R2 and SBS 2003 R2?


Answer: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/sbs/evaluation/faq/prodinfo.mspx



Question: Do all DC's need to be running W2k3 R2 OS or just those DC's or

Servers that are replicating?


Answer: Any machine that is a part of the DFS Replication scheme would have to be running R2.



Question: That means all DC's and DFS servers must be running W2k3 R2 OS.



Answer: You can find additional details on DFS - Requirements here ---




Question: is there a limit as to how much space you can use as the quota?


Answered: Limited to the free space available on the drive system used.



Question: What happens if the server which uses the staging folder fails? Can it fail over to a secondary staging folder on another server?


Answer:  Each server has its own staging folder, if the server fails no replication will occur from that server until it comes back up.

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