O365: CDN Change Causes OWA Client Error

Recently, we've seen a pattern of escalations wherein users are no longer able to access OWA. Specifically, the error will be similar to the following: In the details, we'll see the error we're concerned with: X-OQA-Error: ClientError;exMsg=’_g’ is undefined; file=https://pod51048.outlook.com/owa/:362 If we use Network Tracing (F12 in Internet Explorer) [or Fiddler] we'll see a failure…


O365: Accessing Another Mailbox via OWA URL

It may become necessary for an admin or delegate to access a mailbox (other than their own) in OWA. There's two ways to do this and most people are familiar with the change in the URL method, which is what I'll be covering in this post. In Wave14 (Exchange 2010), you merely had to append…


Hybrid Configuration Wizard: Exchange server "<Server>" was not found. Please make sure you typed the name correctly.

When you decommission an Exchange Server in your Organization and have a Hybrid Configuration, one of the things that does not occur is that the server is not removed from the Hybrid Configuration (msExchCoexistenceRelationship) to reflect this. When you run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard, after the decommission, you'll see the following error: The wizard did…


C# + EWS: Autodiscover Test (Exchange and O365)

In times of troubleshooting client-side issues, it may become necessary to query for the autodiscover response the user is receiving from either Exchange on-premises or Exchange in O365 – or, in the case of a redirection, both on-premises and O365 Exchange. This is a sample C#.NET Console Application, which will query for the Autodiscover response and use…


O365: PST Export Tool Issue and Possible Resolution[s]

It has been discovered that some customers experience a problem with the PST export tool in the Wave15 version of the cloud. Specifically, the symptom is: When a Tenant Admin attemptsto download the PST file, he or she receives “Microsoft.Exchange.eDiscovery.ExportTool.exe has stopped working” and their only option is to terminate the process. This can be resolved in one of two ways: 1….


O365 & EWS: EmailMessage.SetExtendedProperty() Introduces Undesirable Behavior for Cloud

In Office 365, there is a known issue where Item.SetExtendedProperty() will prevent ResponseMessage.SendAndSaveCopy() from working correctly. Instead of sending the messaging and placing the item in the 'Sent Items' folder, the message will be sent and remain in the 'Drafts' folder. This issue can be corrected by changing the source code of the EWS application in either of the…