SharePoint Architectures

If you’re currently designing a SharePoint 2007 architecture and could do with some help then check out these articles. Server Farms and Topologies Extranet Farm Topologies Web content deployment topology Plan for geographically distributed sites Logical Architecture


Migrating to Office 2007

If you’ve got customers who are planning to migrate to Office 2007 then you might want to check out this Technet Page There’s information on preparing for the migration, assessing the existing environment and things to consider for the migration.


Happy Holidays

I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holidays and hope you enjoy your time with your families (and if you’re like me, your new additions J)


Finally Moved all my RSS Feeds to Outlook 2007

To be honest, I resisted this for quite a while as I was quite happy with my existing news reader of choice. But then it started playing up. So I’ve popped them over to Outlook and how glad am I that I did? Well, very. It’s great to have not only my email in Outlook,…


For anyone who’s a new mommy or daddy

My wife sent this to me and I thought I’d share it. OK, here’s my situation. My Mommy has had me for almost 7 months. The first few months were great– I cried, she picked me up and fed me, anytime, day or night. Then something happened. Over the last few weeks, she has been…


Great new partner sales tool for Office and Exchange 2007

Using this Interactive Tool, you’ll find: Key 2007 Office system and Exchange Server 2007 Product Features and Benefits Specific customer sales scenarios and reasons to upgrade to the 2007 Office system and Exchange Server 2007 2007 Office system and Exchange Server 2007 Product licensing and packaging information Microsoft Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite…


Reference Architecture for Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange Migrations

This document presents a difference architecture process that creates a high-level reference architecture for a Lotus Domino to Microsoft technologies migration. You can use this document as a framework/reference point to build out a solution as you consider a migration from Lotus Domino technologies to Microsoft technologies. As part of the broader Microsoft Migration Planning…


Prepare to Demo and Sell Windows Vista

Build the expert skills you need to effectively demo the Windows Vista operating system. The messaging and step-by-step instructions provided in the Partner Demo Readiness Toolkit prepare you to take advantage of all the new opportunities Windows Vista offers, like upgrades, add-on services, and customized solutions. The toolkit includes Windows Vista Release Candidate 1, Microsoft…