Collaborative Working with SharePoint and Records Management

May 7th, 2009
11am - 12pm CET (Central European Time)
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SharePoint is rapidly being considered as the front end solution for business users; however it offers limited records management capability. In addition, similar to Exchange, a SharePoint site often becomes slow and cumbersome when people post information to it – organisations are then faced with documents becoming insecure; unmonitored and incorrectly managed and thereby they will not comply with data protection regulations and uphold their organisations reputation.  However, if used with a records management solution the documents and be stored correctly and safely and the site becomes more dynamic.

The benefits of a combined SharePoint and Records Management solution:

  • Single version of truth – data in HP TRIM can be accessed from multiple SharePoint sites as well as from other applications and interfaces
  • Completely compatible with Microsoft functionality – no overlap of operation
  • By making information easily accessible avoids unnecessary duplication
  • Retain corporate information in corporate systems rather than personal or team repositories
  • Limit use of SharePoint to store large amounts of static data allowing it to be used for dynamic data

How quickly, easily and cost effectively can your organisation share its electronic and paper-based records?

This webinar will feature AIIM providing insight on the information management market today, Microsoft today, and HP will showcase the HP TRIM and SharePoint integration.

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