Meet Kevin .. .. .. Part 5

One of the most important steps in any journey is knowing where you are – I guess the most important step is knowing where you’re going .. .. ..

Otherwise we end up with an Alice in Wonderland situation.

"Would you tell me which way I ought to go from here?" asked Alice.
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get," said the Cat.
"I really don't care where" replied Alice.
"Then it doesn't much matter which way you go," said the Cat.


Which is where the Infrastructure Optimisation Toolkit comes in. Some of the benefits are

  • It allows you to assess where your customer is in terms of infrastructure maturity;
  • It’s technology agnostic;
  • It’s more about improving the processes than the technology;
  • It gives you a common language that both the business and IT understand;
  • It allows you to iteratively and incrementally implement projects;
  • It’s agile;
  • It links to what the business is trying to achieve;
  • It improves the relationship between IT and the Business;
  • It changes the perception of IT from Cost Centre to Business Asset;
  • It gives value back to the business quickly;
  • It gives you financial information on the impact of the changes.

There’s probably a few others I can’t think of.

Next we’ll look at how we use the tool and where we can get it.

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