Meet Kevin .. .. .. Part 2


So what’s Kevin’s challenge?

Well most analysts appear to agree that IT departments spend most of their time and budget (about 80%) keeping their current systems up and running. In my experience it tends to be more like 90%/10%.

The consequence of this is that a lot IT departments are only ever going to be perceived as a cost centre. They’re probably burning money (with lots of manual processes) and fighting fires.

Which means they don't have time to look at how new technology can help the business.

Which means they end up in a cycle of just being perceived as a cost rather than a department that can add real value to the business.

So how can we increase the amount of time and money we spend looking at the new stuff and reduce the amount of time and money looking after the current stuff?

And if we do, would that have any impact on how well the business does?

More next .. .. ..

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