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This is Kevin – He’s IT Manager for Contoso. His team do a great job of keeping their IT systems up and running, but don’t always have the time to look at the all the exciting new stuff and how it could help the business – consequently they’re seen as a cost centre and it always seems to be their budgets that get cut.

There are rumours of outsourcing IT and his team haven’t had a decent pay rise in years. They don’t want to support older technology and consequently a few have moved on.

Sound familiar?



clip_image008This is Kevin – He’s IT Director at Contoso – His team does a great job of keeping their IT systems up and running - and implementing the exciting new technology that helps the business grow and keep costs under control – consequently they’re seen as asset and their budget has grown.

How did he get here? By Using the Infrastructure Optimisation tools which enabled him to :-

  • Assess where his IT infrastructure and see where they could make some incremental improvements and automate some process to free up some time for his team to look at what new technology was available . . . and save some of his precious budget.
  • Create an IT strategy that linked to what the business was trying to achieve, using a language both he and the rest of the business could understand.
  • Prioritise his projects based on the return they were going to have to both his department and the rest of business.

The business was happy, his team were happy and he was happy.

Just think .. .. .. what could happen if you optimised your infrastructure?

Next .. .. .. .. how to use the tools.

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