Announcing a new OneNote community


Welcome to the world’s only community site for people who are smart enough to love OneNote. If you are new to OneNote, check out the Microsoft product overview page first. I won’t lie to you, but OneNote, for the uninitiated (of which there are far too many as far as I am concerned, that’s why I created this site even though I am simply a fictional character and not actually real), is actually a Microsoft product of insane greatness – its part of Microsoft Office. I use it all day, every day to stay half-way sane and, at times, look good in this wacked out place I where I do what is sometimes called work.

The 20 second pitch is that OneNote is a personal productivity tool that lets you capture ideas (could be your own brilliant thoughts, stuff you want to keep from the web, meeting notes etc) and organize them in an electronic 3-ringed binder. It’s like nothing you have ever used before, I guarantee. Anyway, enough about that, visit the official OneNote page to get the full scoop.

Comments (1)

  1. EwanD says:

    Seems like a chap with a mission 🙂

    I’ve never *quite* got the hang of OneNote – for some things, it’s brilliant – planning holidays, buying cars, recording minutae about home PC hardware specifications etc … I find it’s brilliant.

    Taking notes in meetings? Hmmmmm. Then again, I’m not really very good at taking notes in meetings using paper & pen, so it might be PEBKAC…

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