Business Intelligence 7.1 VPC Available for download

There are 7 RAR files, each less than 700 MB and shouldn’t take more than 2 hrs to download. VPC R7.1.part01.exe VPC R7.1.part02.rar VPC R7.1.part03.rar VPC R7.1.part04.rar VPC R7.1.part05.rar VPC R7.1.part06.rar VPC R7.1.part07.rar

Comments (2)

  1. The password is pass@word1, but it’s a us keyboard so it’ll be pass<shift-2>word1

    So on a uk keyboard it’ll be pass"word1

    Hope this helps

  2. Mahesh Adate says:

    Thanks for providing latest VHD.

    What is the administrator password ?

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