Go Green With the Microsoft Office Visio Connector 2007 for Rack Server Virtualization

Do you have infrastructure hardware that is underutilized? Let us help you manage hardware better so you can save power and space. Download the Microsoft Office Visio Connector 2007 for Rack Server Virtualization to auto-generate easy-to-understand Visio 2007 diagrams for your existing infrastructure using Excel or Ops Manager as the data source. Monitor server usage levels using WMI or the Ops Manager connection and then virtualize the racks using logic built in to this Visio add-in.


This amazing Add-in from Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007 Professional helps you plan virtualization.
With over 70% hardware being under-utilized, this very valuable tool can draw a clear picture of your hardware utilization. This tool auto- generates your rack and detailed server diagrams from Excel template provided. Analyze your racks and serves using WMI or get the utilization data over time using the Ops Manager connection.
Use the magic virtualize button to see the before after detailed picture of your racks, see clearly where you have the opportunity to save on space and power.
See the power of Data Visualization at work with this Visio Add-in For Visio 2007



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  1. Simon Griffiths says:

    Try http://www.ausrackid.com for a quick and easy rack data visualisation. It is free to use, works well, and you can save your configurations online.

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